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If you are currently attending a class which will continue into next term, you may pre-enrol for the next session.

The following classes will not run in the Winter Term:

Planets, Stars and Galaxies, Making a Christmas Wreath, A Journey through European History

Pre-enrolment days are:

 Mon. 20th November: Pilates A & B (£35), Advanced Beginners Ukulele (£70), Improvers' Ballroom (£53), 
American  History (£42), Beadwork (£70), Writing for Fun (£49),  Hatha Yoga 'A' (£35),

 Tues. 21st November: Hatha Yoga 'B' (£35), Level 2 Italian (£70), Handmade Cards (£49), Samba Drumming (£37).

  Wed. 22nd November: Pilates C & D (£35), Beginners' Ukulele (£70), Level 2 Spanish (£70), Beginners' Bridge (£70),  Improvers' Bridge (£70), Level 3 Italian (£70),

  Thurs. 23rd November: Singing for Fun (£44),

  Tues 28th November: Watercolour (£56)

  Wed. 29th November: Wednesday Morning Art Class (£56)

  Fri. 1st December: English Literature (£70)


 It would be helpful if you could arrive a few minutes early on that day with your enrolment form filled in and your payment. Payment may be made by cash, card or cheque. If you are paying with cash please try and bring the correct money!

Pre-enrolment for Beginners' Yoga was on 16th November; those who missed it can enrol on Enrolment Day, 8th Jan.

Please note you can only pre-enrol for a class if you are currently attending that class.


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