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Pilates 'D' Thursday
Bring your own mat


10.20 - 11.20


weeks beginning


Tutor -

Debbie Lynn




Cost -



High levels of fitness or great suppleness are not a necessary pre-requisite for Pilates. In fact, these can be the benefits you derive from your Pilates, along with a stronger core, which aids good posture and the maintenance of a healthy back.
At first glance, Pilates may seem to be an easy form of exercise, however its combination of flexibility, strengthening and mobility moves creates a very focussed and effective workout.
Classes consist of movement and alignment patterns done both standing and on your mat. We work through these moves with gentle control and focus, allowing us to develop good breathing technique, improve coordination, lengthen and strengthen muscles.
Pilates is a great way to discover your optimal posture and to ease any tensions held in the body. It allows us to understand our bodies better, working at the correct level for YOU, without pain and at the right level of challenge.
Pilates is a great way to give yourself time to focus on your body, your breathing and of course, your relaxation!

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