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Pilates 'D' Wednesday


10.20 - 11.20


weeks beginning


Tutor -

Anita Mackie




Cost -



Pilates is all about a mind/body connection in a very real physiological sense.
Our bodies are AMAZING! You move & breathe, hold yourself upright & repair yourself all without having to give it any thought. However many of us will at some point start to find aches & pains or stiff joints or tension in parts of our bodies.
Pilates is a fantastic way to give yourself some time to focus on your body, explore habitual patterns your body may have fallen into.

It’s great to find your optimal posture & ease some of the tension in your body...I think of it as hitting your reset button...AND this is something you can do without pain, listening & being kind to your body, working within your ability.
A class will consist of me taking you through some alignment & movement patterns, standing and lying down on a mat. Everything is done with control, precision & concentration.

At first glance, Pilates may seem to be a gentle and easy form of exercise; however its combination of strengthening and mobility moves can create a very intense and highly beneficial workout.

High fitness levels or great suppleness are not a necessary pre-requisite for Pilates. In fact, Pilates enhances both of these conditions, whilst strengthening the ‘core muscles’ within the torso. Realistic Pilates also develops breathing control, co-ordination and stability of the body, lengthening muscles, relaxing and re-balancing the body.

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