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Drama for a Laugh


20.15 - 21.45


weeks beginning


Tutor -

Joe Douglas




Cost -



Fancy trying your hand at acting but don’t know where to start? Join West Kilbride’s professional theatre director, Joe Douglas, for ninety minute drama workshops where the focus is very much on having a laugh, learning some skills and being a little bit silly.

Joe believes drama is for fun - and the world can be a very serious place. The theatre he makes tends to take on social-political issues with a light touch and a strong focus on the audience experience. Theatre really brings people together and this class will do just that.

People who take drama classes usually find that their overall levels of confidence, community and wellbeing improve very quickly. The course will involve improvisation techniques, voice work, physical performance and making new pals.

“Those who are changed most by an act of theatre, are the people who make it.” - Bertholt Brecht


Every session will begin with a 20-30min warm up, focusing on the voice, the breath, the body and the imagination. We will definitely play some drama games to ‘break the ice’.

There will then be a 50-60min activity, usually based around learning improvisation techniques and dramatic structure. Content over the ten weeks will include:

- Playing (it’s called ‘a play’ for a reason)
- Building stories
- Image work
- Ensemble skills
- Accepting offers (active listening)
- Working with impulses
- Crafting a story
- Social-political context
- Making a play

Each session will end with time for a reflection on the session and where we are headed next.

Reading Material
Free Yoga
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